Coming from creative fields,  the Gaur brothers always thought of doing things differently. Their earnest desire to explore, learn and evolve in the business world took the shape of a beautiful dream that they saw together. For years, the passionate duo put in efforts and time to learn and understand the global dry fruit trade by visiting numerous processing facilities, warehouses, retail outlets, and business associates which laid the groundwork for YummyBits.

In August 2022, YummyBits came into existence to solve the issues relating to quality that have been prevailing in the consumer market for many decades. The brand aims to make the shift to better quality from other brand differentiator factors in order to make A-rate dry fruits available as an everyday healthy snack alternative to people all around the world.

In its initial phase of business, YummyBits has launched a range of premium dry fruits including almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and raisins, sourced from the best dry fruit producers across India. In the years to come, it strives to promote global health by introducing top-notch quality products that meet the consumption needs of high-end customers.

With that, YummyBits’ focus is to evolve as India’s top-rated dry fruits brand that will change the way customers buy and consume dry fruits. And with constant love and support pouring in from our vast network of partners, distributors, retailers, business associates and customers, we believe we have already started our journey.